High-pressure fixed vane pump SQP series

High-pressure fixed vane pump SQP series

High-pressure fixed vane pump SQP series is designed for low noise conditions and the development of high-performance letter vane pump. For plastic machinery, die casting machinery, machine tools and construction machinery, such as requiring a lower noise hydraulic system, its main features:

1, High-pressure fixed vane pump SQP seriesusing the letters V Series pump core, completely interchangeable, flexible and easy to use.

2, High-pressure fixed vane pump SQP series increase of pulsation attenuation design structure, greatly reducing the pulsating pressure, so lower noise, sound smoother.

3, High-pressure fixed vane pump SQP series using quantitative thicker shell design, increasing the intensity of the pump and shock resistance, while the silencer and better performance.

(F3-) SQP2 -35 -86 C (F) -(LH) -18
Oil Compatibility Serial   No#  displacement  Shaft Type Oil port position       Mounting Direction of rotation Design No.
  Unmarked -   Use anti-wear hydraulic oil or phosphate ester fluid   F11 using water glycol solution   F3-use of water in oil emulsion SQP1 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,
-1 Straight shaft with key -86  Heavy-duty straight shaft with key       (From the pump   cover end) A-inlet contralateral B-90 from the inlet counterclockwise Unmarked: Up (Standard) D: Down R: Right L: Left Unmarked: Up (Standard) D: Down R: Right L: Left SVQ series Unmarked: Top Left 45 ° (Standard) X: upper right 45 ° Y: right 45 ° Z: left 45 ° VQ Series Up (standard) D: Down R: Right L: Left
SQP2 10,12,14,15,17,19,21
SQP3 21,25,30,32,35,38
SQP4 42,45,50,57,60,66,75

High-pressure fixed vane pump SQP specification:

Pump Serial No#  Displacement algebra  Geometric displacement ml/rev SQP F11-SQP F3-SQP Mini 
Use anti-wear hydraulic oil or phosphate ester Use water glycol solution Use an oil-in-water emulsion
Max Mpa Max r/min Max Mpa Max r/min Max Mpa Max r/min
SQP1 2 7.5 13.8 1800 13.8 1200 13.8 1200 600
3 10.2
4 12.8 17.2 17.2
5 16.7
6 19.2
7 22.9
8 26.2
9 28.8
10 31.0
11 35.9
12 37.9 15.7 15.7
14 44.2 13.8 13.8
SQP2 10 32.5 17.2 1800 17.2 1200 13.8 1200 600
12 38.3
14 43.3
15 46.7
17 52.5
19 59.2
21 65.0
SQP3 21 66.7 17.2 1800 17.2 1200 13.8 1200 600
25 79.2
30 95.0
32 100
35 109
38 118
SQP4 42 134 17.2 1800 17.2 1200 13.8 1200 600
45 140
50 156
57 178
60 189
66 207
75 237


At 1200r/min and 0.69Mpa (psi) under nominal displacement USgpm.

Within 0.5 seconds, the maximum pressure allowed to exceed 10% of the instantaneous pressure

The common pump model no# list:







SQP1-2-1A-15   SQP1-3-1A-15   SQP1-4-1A-15   SQP1-5-1A-15  

SQP1-6-1A-15   SQP1-7-1A-15   SQP1-8-1A-15   SQP1-9-1A-15

SQP1-10-1A-15  SQP1-11-1A-15  SQP1-12-1A-15  SQP1-14-1A-15

SQP2-10-1A-15  SQP2-12-1A-15  SQP2-14-1A-15  SQP2-15-1A-18  

SQP2-17-1A-18  SQP2-19-1A-15  SQP2-21-1A-18

SQP2-10-86A-15  SQP2-12-86A-15  SQP2-14-86A-15  SQP2-15-86A-18  

SQP2-17-86A-18  SQP2-19-86A-15  SQP2-21-86A-18    

SQP3-21-1A-18   SQP3-25-1A-18   SQP3-30-1A-18   

SQP3-32-1A-18   SQP3-35-1A-18   SQP3-38-1A-18  SQP3-45-1A-18     

SQP3-21-86A-18   SQP3-25-86A-18   SQP3-30-86A-18   

SQP3-32-86A-18   SQP3-35-86A-18   SQP3-38-86A-18  SQP3-45-86A-18    

SQP4-42-86A-18   SQP4-45-86A-18   SQP4-50-86A-18   

SQP4-57-86A-18   SQP4-60-86A-18   SQP4-66-86A-18   



SQP1-2-1B-15   SQP1-3-1B-15   SQP1-4-1B-15   SQP1-5-1B-15  

SQP1-6-1B-15   SQP1-7-1B-15   SQP1-8-1B-15   SQP1-9-1B-15

SQP1-10-1B-15  SQP1-11-1B-15  SQP1-12-1B-15  SQP1-14-1B-15

SQP2-10-1B-15  SQP2-12-1B-15  SQP2-14-1B-15  SQP2-15-1B-18  

SQP2-17-1B-18  SQP2-19-1B-15  SQP2-21-1B-18

SQP2-10-86B-15  SQP2-12-86B-15  SQP2-14-86B-15  SQP2-15-86B-18  

SQP2-17-86B-18  SQP2-19-86B-15  SQP2-21-86B-18    

SQP3-21-1B-18   SQP3-25-1B-18   SQP3-30-1B-18   

SQP3-32-1B-18   SQP3-35-1B-18   SQP3-38-1B-18  SQP3-45-1B-18     

SQP3-21-86B-18   SQP3-25-86B-18   SQP3-30-86B-18   

SQP3-32-86B-18   SQP3-35-86B-18   SQP3-38-86B-18  SQP3-45-86B-18    

SQP4-42-86B-18   SQP4-45-86B-18   SQP4-50-86B-18   

SQP4-57-86B-18   SQP4-60-86B-18   SQP4-66-86B-18   



SQP1-2-1C-15   SQP1-3-1C-15   SQP1-4-1C-15   SQP1-5-1C-15  

SQP1-6-1C-15   SQP1-7-1C-15   SQP1-8-1C-15   SQP1-9-1C-15

SQP1-10-1C-15  SQP1-11-1C-15  SQP1-12-1C-15  SQP1-14-1C-15

SQP2-10-1C-15  SQP2-12-1C-15  SQP2-14-1C-15  SQP2-15-1C-18  

SQP2-17-1C-18  SQP2-19-1C-15  SQP2-21-1C-18

SQP2-10-86C-15  SQP2-12-86C-15  SQP2-14-86C-15  SQP2-15-86C-18  

SQP2-17-86C-18  SQP2-19-86C-15  SQP2-21-86C-18    

SQP3-21-1C-18   SQP3-25-1C-18   SQP3-30-1C-18   

SQP3-32-1C-18   SQP3-35-1C-18   SQP3-38-1C-18  SQP3-45-1C-18     

SQP3-21-86C-18   SQP3-25-86C-18   SQP3-30-86C-18   

SQP3-32-86C-18   SQP3-35-86C-18   SQP3-38-86C-18  SQP3-45-86C-18    

SQP4-42-86C-18   SQP4-45-86C-18   SQP4-50-86C-18   

SQP4-57-86C-18   SQP4-60-86C-18   SQP4-66-86C-18   



SQP1-2-1D-15   SQP1-3-1D-15   SQP1-4-1D-15   SQP1-5-1D-15  

SQP1-6-1D-15   SQP1-7-1D-15   SQP1-8-1D-15   SQP1-9-1D-15

SQP1-10-1D-15  SQP1-11-1D-15  SQP1-12-1D-15  SQP1-14-1D-15

SQP2-10-1D-15  SQP2-12-1D-15  SQP2-14-1D-15  SQP2-15-1D-18  

SQP2-17-1D-18  SQP2-19-1D-15  SQP2-21-1D-18

SQP2-10-86D-15  SQP2-12-86D-15  SQP2-14-86D-15  SQP2-15-86D-18  

SQP2-17-86D-18  SQP2-19-86D-15  SQP2-21-86D-18    

SQP3-21-1D-18   SQP3-25-1D-18   SQP3-30-1D-18   

SQP3-32-1D-18   SQP3-35-1D-18   SQP3-38-1D-18  SQP3-45-1D-18     

SQP3-21-86D-18   SQP3-25-86D-18   SQP3-30-86D-18   

SQP3-32-86D-18   SQP3-35-86D-18   SQP3-38-86D-18  SQP3-45-86D-18    

SQP4-42-86D-18   SQP4-45-86D-18   SQP4-50-86D-18   

SQP4-57-86D-18   SQP4-60-86D-18   SQP4-66-86D-18   













SQP31-17-4-86CD-18   SQP31-21-4-86CD-18

SQP31-25-4-86CD-18   SQP31-30-4-86CD-18   SQP31-32-4-86CD-18

SQP31-25-5-86CD-18   SQP31-30-5-86CD-18   SQP31-32-5-86CD-18

SQP31-38-5-86CD-18   SQP32-21-14-86CD-18   SQP32-25-14-86CD-18

SQP32-32-14-86CD-18  SQP32-35-14-86CD-18   SQP32-38-14-86CD-18

SQP41-30-4-86CD-18   SQP41-35-4-86CD-18    SQP41-38-4-86CD-18

SQP41-42-4-86CD-18   SQP41-50-4-86CD-18    SQP41-60-4-86CD-18

SQP41-35-11-86CD-18  SQP41-38-11-86CD-18   SQP41-42-11-86CD-18

SQP41-30-12-86CD-18  SQP41-35-12-86CD-18   SQP41-38-12-86CD-18

SQP42-30-10-86CD-18  SQP42-35-10-86CD-18   SQP42-50-10-86CD-18

SQP42-30-14-86CD-18  SQP42-42-14-86CD-18   SQP42-50-14-86CD-18