100-65-200 HOT OIL PUMP

100-65-200 HOT OIL PUMP

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Air-Cooled Hot (Thermal) Oil Pump (WRY)

Centrifugal Oil Pump for Hot Oil

High Temperature Resistant Oil Pump

Mechanical Seal Hot Oil Suction Pump

Horizontal Hot Oil Centrifugal Pump

Anti Corrosion Hot Oil Pump

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Hot Oil Pump

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High Temperature Oil Pump

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Diesel Engine Hot Oil Pump

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WRY series hot oil pump is a centrifugal type hot oil circulation pump with max working temperature 350 DEG C. It has been widely used in heat carrier heating system and has entered the petroleum, chemical, rubber, plastics, pharmaceutical, textile, printing and dyeing, road construction, food and other industries, mainly used for conveying weak corrosion and high-temperature fluid without solid particles.


WRY series hot oil pump is the second generation product based on the research and development of our company after learning and absorption of foreign oil pump. The basic structure is single-stage single suction cantilever leg supporting, the pump inlet is axial suction, export center vertically upward, mounted on the base with motor.

WRY series hot oil pump is supported by the ball bearings at the both ends supported structure, front end lubricated by lubricating oil, back end lubricated by grease, in the middle there is a guide pipe, for observation the sealing condition at any time and the recycling of conduction oil.

The traditional water cooling structure is changed to natural cooling structure, making it simpler structure, smaller volume, lower operation cost, better performance and more reliable usage.


WRY series hot oil pump:

(1) Adopts packing seal and mechanical seal combination, and the packing seal packing with high temperature resistance, with good thermal adaptability, and mechanical seal with high mechanical strength, good wear resistance of hard alloy material, to ensure the sealing performance under high temperature conditions.

(2) Using the third generation PTFE (PTFE) to do lip type seal, so that the sealing performance leap-forward, 25 times more reliable than the rubber seal reliability, corrosion resistance is very strong.

100-65-200 HOT OIL PUMP100-65-200 HOT OIL PUMP














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Chemical industry: in chemical industry, it can be applied to the operation of chemical unit, such as polymerization, condensation, distillation, distillation, concentration, evaporation and other processes, providing heat for its corresponding equipment.

Petrochemical Industry: in the petrochemical industry, it can be used in the process of synthesis, reaction, distillation and distillation, and can also be used for heat preservation devices such as asphalt and heavy oil, and can also be used for tank heating and heating of fuel oil.

Machinery industry: in the mechanical industry, it can be used in electroplating treatment equipment, heat treatment equipment, spray drying, rolling mill, baking technology, melt casting, etc. also involved in heat conduction oil heating.

Pharmaceutical industry: heat transfer oil is an indirect heat transfer medium. The greatest advantage is to control the heating process accurately during the heat transfer process. It is beneficial to the effective control of the process and the fine quality of the product and its quality.

Oil and oil chemical industry: in the oil industry, it can be used in fatty acid distillation unit, oil decomposition device, vacuum deodorization device, lipidization device, distillation, distillation and concentrator.

Lumber industry: in wood industry, it can be used for heating artificial fiber board and particleboard molding machine, and also for heating of wood drier.

Painting industry: in the painting industry, it is applied to paint baking, oil bath and other devices, so as to improve the surface quality of painting.

Food industry: heat conduction oil is widely used in the process of food processing, such as pastry, biscuit and other food baking, meat cooking, fried and so on, as well as the refining and purification of edible oil and part of the food packaging technology are used to heat oil heating.

Papermaking and printing industry: in papermaking and printing industry, it is used for heating corrugated paper processing machine, hot melt machine, paper processing device, dryer and other equipment.

Textile and printing and dyeing industry has gained very mature experience in the application of heat setting machine, drying and baking machine in textile, printing and dyeing industry.

Plastics and rubber industries: in the plastics and rubber industries, it can be used as heating energy for hot press, calender, extruder, vulcanization machine, resin hardening device, laminator, artificial leather processing equipment and so on.