Y-H series (IP44) marine three-phase asynchronous motor

The Y-H series is a fully enclosed, self fan cooled three-phase cage asynchronous motor for marine use, suitable for driving various machinery on ships, such as water pumps, air compressors, ventilators, separators, hydraulic machinery, and other auxiliary equipment.

The Y-H series is a derivative product of the newly designed and manufactured Y-series three-phase asynchronous motor, which has the advantages of high efficiency and large starting torque.

The Y-H series is designed in accordance with the national standard GB755 "Basic Technical Requirements for Electric Motors" and the current "Code for Construction of Steel Seagoing Ships".

Y-H series motors use both rated voltages and frequencies of 380V, 50Hz, and 440V, 60Hz, and can also be designed according to user requirements. The protection level is IP44, IP54, IP56, and the working system is S1. There are insulation levels of B, F, and H.