UQK-651-C-Z Type Marine Floating Ball Liquid Level Controller

Detailed parameters:

The UQK-651-C/B type floating ball liquid level controller is suitable for two-position control and alarm of liquid levels in tanks of ships, chemical and other industrial equipment, and is also suitable for flammable and explosive hazardous areas.

Installation form; Side mounted

Switch structure; Single point two position equation

Contact capacity; 220/380V AC 1A

Poor switching; 20-70 (mm)

Meson specific gravity; ≥ zero point eight five

Meson temperature; ≤ 150 ℃

Work pressure; 1.0MPa

Explosion proof markings; DIIBT3-BT5

Protection level; IP68

Flange standards; GB2506


1、 Overview

UQK-65-C series marine float level controller (hereinafter referred to as the controller). It consists of a floating ball, a connecting rod, an iron core, and a magnetic switch conversion mechanism. The liquid level changes detected by the floating ball are directly transmitted to the magnetic switch conversion mechanism. The controller reasonably selects a fully sealed magnetic isolation switch conversion mechanism, so that the permanent magnet components cannot directly contact the medium, avoiding the phenomenon of rolling and jamming caused by mixed corrosive substances inside the medium, and avoiding faults caused by friction of the mechanism.

The controller also complies with the special requirements of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 92-504 (1974) for marine electrical equipment - control and measuring instruments, the relevant regulations of the Ship Survey Bureau of the China (1983) on the classification and construction of steel sea going ships, and some of them are also in accordance with the Lloyd's Register of Shipping (Lloyd's Register) type approval test rules for control and electrical equipment (1975).

2、 Purpose

The UQK-65-C series position controller is widely used for liquid level alarm and control in sealed or open containers of lubricating oil, fuel oil, waste oil, fresh water, sewage, and other devices such as auxiliary engine boilers in marine ships and other equipment. However, it is not suitable for hazardous locations that have corrosive effects on stainless steel materials and flammable and explosive fluids.

3、 Main technical parameters

1. Control function; Single point positioning

LO(mm) 400 500 630 800 1000 1250
weight(Kg) 13.4 14.5 16 17.7 20 22.6

The operating principle of the controller is based on Archimedes' law, that is, the floating ball is subject to upward buoyancy in the liquid, and the size of the buoyancy is equal to the weight of the liquid discharged by the floating ball. As the liquid level inside the container changes, the floating ball moves up and down, driving the connecting rod and the iron core to move up and down, causing a change in the relative position between the iron core and the magnetic steel. By the interaction of magnetic force between the iron core and the magnetic steel, the magnetic steel microswitch conversion mechanism flips over, causing the microswitch to operate with a switching difference of about 10-40 or 10-70mm, as shown in Figure -. This microswitch can be used to operate alarms, valves, or control other devices.

5、 Structure and overall dimensions (see Figure 2 and Figure 3)


The terminal wiring diagram is shown in Figure 4. When in the low position, the line between C and B is conductive, while the line between C and A is disconnected. At high liquid levels, the circuit between C and B is disconnected, while the circuit between C and A is connected.


  1. Figure 4 shows a typical single point wiring diagram for a direct acting or liquid level controller.

(2) In a side mounted controller using a reversing support, the action of the switch is reversed.

Applicable type: UQK-651-C

6、 Model selection and arrangement method

The UQK-65-C series controller is selected based on the different working states as shown in Figure 5.

(1) Side mounted flange: UQK-651-C

(2) Top mounted flange: UQK-652-C

7、 Installation and use

Before use, the controller should be checked for any friction or loose screws in all parts.

2. The controller must be installed in a location that is easy to observe and easy to maintain, and the centerline of the connecting rod must be kept vertical.

3. The fluctuation frequency of the controlled medium liquid level should not be too large.

4. When the controlled medium has a high viscosity and is prone to crystallization, it should not be used.

5. The controller is not suitable for hazardous locations that have corrosive effects on stainless steel materials and flammable and explosive fluids.

8、 Ordering instructions

1. Model, name, measurement range, measured medium pressure, temperature, and specific gravity.

2. If there are special requirements, follow the order agreement.