Marine Pressure Controller YWK-50


Marine Pressure Controller YWK-50

1、 Overview

The YWK-50 and YWK-50-C pressure controllers are single pole double throw electrical switches that operate with changes in pressure, and can be used in conjunction with various actuators to achieve binary adjustment of the process.

The YWK-50 type is a phenolic powder shell, which is a regular type.

The YWK-50-C type is a cast aluminum shell, which is waterproof and can withstand the mechanical rotation conditions specified in GB8355-87.

2、 Working principle

When the medium pressure rises or decreases, the corrugated pipe extends or shortens, and the switch is moved by a lever and a lever to close and open the contact, thus achieving the purpose of two-position adjustment.

3、 Main technical indicators

Medium temperature: -40~+60 ℃;

Contact capacity: 380V 3A AC; 220V 2.5A AC;

Lifetime: 100000 cycles;

Installation position: vertical (tilting within ± 22.5 ° can work normally);

Environmental temperature: -25~55 ℃;

Protection level: YWK-50-C type meets IPX4 in GB4208-84;

The YWK-50 model complies with IP40 in GB4208-84;

4、 List of Conventional Typical Product Specifications: (Unit: MPa)

Pressure range Minimum switching difference maximum switching difference, repetition error set value error
0~0.2 0.01 0.08 0.012 0.008
0~0.3 0.025 0.1 0.016 0.012
0~0.5 0.03 0.1 0.016 0.020
0~0.8 0.07 0.25 0.03 0.032
0~1.0 0.07 0.25 0.04 0.04
0~1.5 0.1 0.28 0.05 0.06
0~2.0 0.12 0.3 0.07 0.08
0~3.0 0.15 0.5 0.1 0.12
0~4.0 0.25 0.6 0.14 0.16

5、 Installation, adjustment, and use:

Open the meter cover and install the controller vertically on the ship wall or instrument panel. It is strictly prohibited to touch the arm with hands or tools to prevent performance changes.

Remove the locking nut, rotate the adjustment lever to make the pointer point at the desired pressure value, and tighten the locking nut.

Rotate the switch difference knob to obtain the desired switch difference.

Pressure pipe: unscrew the connector and turn it off? One end of the 6 metal pressure pipe is soldered onto the sleeve, the joint is tightened to seal the connecting pipe, and the controlled medium is introduced into the corrugated pipe chamber through the pressure pipe.

Review whether the installation is proper, install the meter cover, and connect the power supply. The usage of tool controllers should be regularly checked.

The manufacturing factory implements three guarantees for product quality, and within 18 months from the date of production, all products should be able to ensure normal use while complying with storage and usage rules. Otherwise, responsible for repairing or replacing parts.

5、 The appearance and installation dimensions are shown on the cover: (Unit: mm)

6、 Precautions:

The number on the switch difference knob only indicates the magnitude of the switch difference, not the actual value, which should be read from the standard table. The indicated value of the pointer refers to the pressure value during switching caused by pressure reduction. When controlling the pressure to not exceed a given pressure value, the pointer should be adjusted to a position one switch difference lower than the given value. After adjustment, do not rotate the switch knob again.

To control the pressure within a given pressure range, first adjust the lower limit setting value (adjust the pointer to the pressure value), and then adjust the upper limit setting value (adjust the switch difference knob to make the switch switch when the pressure rises to the pressure value).

The adjustable range of switching difference given in the specification table refers to the minimum adjustment range guaranteed, which may be slightly larger in actual situations than the values in the specification table.

7、 Example of selection and adjustment:

If it is necessary to control the output pressure of a compressor to maintain it within the range of 0.5~0.6MPa, a pressure controller with a specification of 0~0.8MPa should be selected, and a wire should be connected to the power control circuit of the compressor motor to introduce the controlled gas into the bellows chamber. Rotate the adjustment lever to indicate a lower limit of 0.5MPa on the pointer, power on and boost the voltage, and repeatedly adjust the switch difference knob until it reaches 0.6MPa until the controller switches.