AS-220J Marine Sound and Light Alarm

The sound and light alarm is a product developed by our factory based on the actual situation of the port machinery, mechanical and electrical industry, and transportation equipment. This product has a novel appearance, and the warning light is made of popular LED tubes, greatly increasing the service life of the tubes. This series of products have the advantages of high protection level, simple operation, small size, and easy installation, and have good waterproof, moisture-proof, impact and strong shock resistance performance. After practical application, Multiple tone alarm prompts play an important role in coordinating work equipment alarms and protecting personal safety

1. The sound of this alarm is around 106-120 decibels

2. This alarm has three types of sounds that can be switched: siren sound, fire sound, and ambulance sound

3. There are two knobs on the alarm panel of this model, one for adjusting the size of the sound and the other for adjusting the type of sound

4. This alarm is commonly used at 220V. Other voltages can be customized according to customer requirements. If you need other voltages, please contact customer service. Special voltages require customization!

AS-220J Marine Sound and Light Alarm