6/12KD-3ZQ engineer alarm host

6/12KD-3ZQ engineer alarm host

Function Description

Meet the latest regulatory requirements.

It can be connected to 6 or 12 external extensions.

The host and extension can make two-way calls and intercoms.

The host can communicate with all extensions for intercom.

When one party calls the other party, there is a passive contact output.

Output power: ≤ 20W (6 gates) ≤ 40W (12 gates)

Call and alarm sound pressure level: 80dB~95dB

Main power supply: DC24V

Emergency power supply: DC24V

Passive contact load (resistive): 8A/250VAC

Capacity: 6/12 doors

Color: matte black (RAL 9005)

Protection level: IP20

Weight: 2.54Kg

Power consumption: 20W/35W