Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves

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Triple Eccentric Butterfly ValvesTriple Eccentric Butterfly Valves

1)Suitable Medium: Water, sewage, sea water, air, foodstuff, oil etc.

2)Working Temperature: -20° C~450° C

3)Operator: Suitable for handles(dn50~300), gear operators, electric and pneumatic control actuators.

4)wafer type large size butterfly valve

5)Connection form: Wafer

6)Seal form: Auto sealed

7)Material of seal surface: Metal sealed

8)Structure: Center sealing

9)Body material: Cast steel, ductile iron, stainless steel304/316, carbon steel

10)Disc material: Cast steelstainless steel 304/316, aluminum bronze

11)Shaft material: Stainless steel 304/316/416

12)Seal ring material: SS304, hard alloy

13)Color: Depends of the request

14)Packing: Plastic inside and Plywood case outside

Besides butterfly valve, we can also offer gate valve, ball valve, globe valve, check valve, safety valve and so on. If you have any demand, pls kindly send us the inquiry. We'll try our best to support you.

The Solid Quarter Turn Valve is a ZERO LEAKAGE Metal Seated Valve that features a triple eccentric, non-rubbing conical metal seat which offers tight shut off for many thousands of cycles. The seating of the valve is actually enhanced by continued operation. These unique design features combine to give the Solid valve the following attributes: Bidirectional tight shut off on services ranging from cryogenic to 600 degree centigrade, limitations being governed by the selection of body, disc and seal materials. The Solid is inherently fire safe which means the valve can offer ZERO LEAKAGE before, during and after the fire as there are no soft components in the valve seating areas. Simple  direct mounted on ISO standard mounting flanges. The Solid has good control characteristics through most of its travel, and with the addition of a positioned will give control suitable for many applications. The standard valve is wafer pattern conforming to API 609 dimensions and has enormous space and mass savings when compared with other types of valves. Solid valves are also available in full lug and flanged patterns with dimensions in accordance with ISO 5752 or API 600, making them interchangeable with gate, ball and plug valves. As can be seen from the illustration, this design utilizes a wedging action to put the laminated seal ring in compression when in contact with the body seat. Further, as the seal ring has clearance between disc and the inside of the lamellar it is able to self align and also flex to absorb stresses that might be induced by temperature fluctuations or pipeline movement.


The material selection will determine the suitability of the valve for the service media and the expected temperature range. The responsibility
for final material selection rests with the customer. We can, however, suggest suitable combinations based on our experience. The following
table shows the current material selection that is available, but special materials can be substituted to suit particular applications
Body and disc Seat Spindle and keys Laminated seal ring Bearing Packing and Gaskets
CarbonSteel/ENC Stainless steel AISI 431 AISI 304 Stainless chrome or
nickle plated
Stainless steel Stellite 21 or
Colmonoy wearresistant
AISI 630
AISI 316 Stellite shell Graphoil
Acid resistant alloy
Special alloys   FAL 223 Hardened stainless Graphite with
Bearing prot graphoil
Steels for high
and cryogenic
      Sintered PTFE and
Structure of triple off-set metal seal High-Preformance Butterfly Valve
 Item    Description    Temperature-29~425º    Temperature-196~538º    Temperature-196~538º  
 CS    CF8    CF8M  
1  BODY    A216WCB    A351 CF8    A351 CF8M  
2  DISC    A216WCB    A351 CF8    A351 CF8M  
3  SHAFT    A182 F6A    A182 F304    A182 F316  
4  RETAINER    A105 CS+ENP    SS 304    SS 316  
6  YOKE    A216WCB    A216 WCB+ENP    A216 WCB+ENP  
7  BOTTOM COVER    A105 CS    SS 304    SS 316  
8  HINGE PIN    A276 410    SS 304    SS 316  
9  PACKING GLAND    A216WCB    A351 CF8    A351 CF8M  
11  FRONT AXIAL BUSHING    B148 C95500    B148 C95500    B148 C95500  
12  REAR AXIAL BUSHING    B148 C95500    B148 C95500    B148 C95500  
13  SPLIT RING    SS 304    SS 316    SS 316  
15  LOOSE-PROOF PIN    A276 410    SS 304    SS 304  
16  KEY    AISI 1045    AISI 1045    AISI 1045  
17  SCREW    A193 B8    A193 B8    A193 B8M  
18  BOLT    A193 B7    A193 B8    A193 B8M  
19  SPRING GASKET    AISI 1566    AISI 1566    AISI 1566  
20  NUT    A194 2H    A194 8    A194 8M  
21  BOLT    A193 B7    A193 B8    A193 B8M  
22  GASKET    A105 CS    SS 304    SS 316  
23  NUT    A194 2H    A194 8    A194 8M  
24  STUD    A193 B7    A193 B8    A193 B8M  
 The illustrations in this catalogue are subject to modifications without notice.
 1. The above is the general specification. If special requirements by clients, we can do a proper material selection according to working condition.
 2. For the valves used for special working condition, please query with our engineers for material and other details.  

Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves

The Solid Series Metal Seated Valve's triple eccentric sealing design offers the user a “ZER O LEA KAGE” isolating valve for use in a variety of applications in a wide range of industries:

• Mining - Service Water

• Petroleum

• Chemical and Process Plants

• Gas Production and Transportation

• Off-shore Oil and Gas Platforms

• Pulp and Paper

• Emergency Shut Down Valves (ESDs)

• Steel Mills

• Sugar Mills

• Pipeline Isolation

• Low Pressure Steam

• Hot Gases (including Flue Gas)

• Cryogenic Services

• High Cycle and Switching Valves

• Water Treatment and Distribution

• Power Generation


The Solid Design is ideal (and proven) for use in Mining Service water applications:

• Metal Seating provides longer life

• Compact design

• Ease of 90° operation

• From 16bar to 150bar pressure ratings

• Ideal for Actuated Pump control as it has linear flow Characteristics


Metal seated, non-rubbing, “Zero Leakage”, bidirectional

• Non-rubbing rotation

• Anti-blowout shaft

• Zero fugitive emission

• Resilient metal seal

• Torque seated

• Inherently fire safe

• Sizes 100mm – 1000mm

(other sizes on application)

• Class ratings ANSI 150 through 900

• PN 10 to PN 150