Tyco 601H-R-M Heat Detector With Seat

Tyco 601H-R-M Heat Detector With Seat

Maker : Tyco

Model : 601H-R-M

Description : Heat Detector

Part No : 516.600.203

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Condition: Brand New

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Tyco 601H-R-M Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector


The Tyco 601H-R-M (516.600.203) is a Heat Detector that used two networked thermistors in a bridge configuration to provide a fast response. This depends both on absolute temperature and notes the change in the temperature. The Rate-of-Rise/fixed temperature Detectors can be used in areas where Smoke Sensors are unsuitable due to environmental conditions such as smoke and dust.

Heat detectors offer an acceptable, but less sensitive alternative to smoke detectors if environmental conditions rule out their use.

601H-R (rate-of-rise) and 601H-F (fixed temperature) detectors detect abnormally high rates of rise of temperature and abnormally high (static) temperatures respectively.

For general use and particularly where the ambient temperature may be low, a rate-of-rise heat detector 601H-R is to be preferred. A fixed temperature limit is also incorporated in these detectors.

In many environments, e.g. kitchens, canteens and boiler rooms, sudden, large changes in temperature are considered normal therefore rate-of-rise detectors are generally not suitable in these cases and a slower response fixed temperature detector 601HF should be used.

Tyco 601H-R-M Heat Detector With SeatTyco 601H-R-M Heat Detector With SeatTyco 601H-R-M Heat Detector With SeatTyco 601H-R-M Heat Detector With Seat