CJZQ-H25L; CJZQ-H25F; CJZQ-H32L High Pressure Ball Valve

CJZQ-H25L; CJZQ-H25F; CJZQ-H32L high pressure ball valve is used to control the flow and stop of oil in hydraulic pipeline. This type of ball valve has the characteristics of small flow resistance loss, reliable sealing performance and exquisite appearance. Connection mode: external thread, internal thread and flange type.

The valve is suitable for opening and closing on various pipelines of hydraulic system and chemical system. The valve body is made of high-grade forged steel, and the surface is chrome plated. It has beautiful appearance, convenient operation and good sealing performance. It is the preferred product on the hydraulic system pipeline. Nominal pressure: PN 31.5Mpa test pressure: PS 48mpa working temperature: - 20-80 ℃ applicable media: hydraulic oil, water glycol and other mixed liquids. Our company is an independent manufacturer of high-pressure hydraulic ball valve. There is no intermediate link in factory price sales, low price and guaranteed quality. We strive to provide customers with superior products and superior after-sales service in the spirit of user first and customer first.

CJZQ-H25L; CJZQ-H25F; CJZQ-H32L High Pressure Ball ValveCJZQ-H25L; CJZQ-H25F; CJZQ-H32L High Pressure Ball Valve