Rexroth Axial Piston Pump A6VM80HA2/63WVAB010A

Rexroth Axial Piston Variable Motor A6VM Description

Rexroth A6VM motor is a high-pressure, high torque hydraulic motor with high efficiency and long lifespan. The design of A6VM motor gives it high response speed and dynamic performance, which can meet various complex and high load application requirements. There are multiple models of A6VM motors to choose from, such as AA6VM107HD1/63W-VSD520B, A6VM160EP2D/63W-VAB010FPB, A6VM160HD2E/63W-VAB01000B, A6VM160HA1/63W-VZB020A, A6VM200HA1/63W-VAB020A, etc. These models of motors have different displacements and torques to meet different working requirements. Rexroth A6VM motor also has the following characteristics: High efficiency -The A6VM motor adopts advanced hydraulic technology and design, which enables it to maintain high efficiency under various working conditions, thereby reducing energy waste and equipment heating; Long lifespan -the A6VM motor has excellent wear resistance and durability, which can withstand high loads and high temperatures in working environments, ensuring the long lifespan of the motor; Wide applicability -Suitable for various hydraulic systems and mechanical equipment, able to adapt to different working environments and temperatures; Excellent reliability -the A6VM motor uses high-quality materials and components, and has undergone strict quality control and testing to ensure its reliability and stability; Easy to maintain -the design of the A6VM motor makes it easy to maintain and upkeep, reducing the cost of equipment repair and replacement. Rexroth A6VM motor is a high-performance, high-efficiency, long-life, and easy to maintain hydraulic motor widely used in various industrial fields, capable of meeting various complex and high load application needs.

Rexroth Axial piston variable motor A6VM series 63 Features

- All-purpose high pressure motor;

- Size 28 … 1000, such as A6VM 28 HD1, A6VM 250 EP2, A6VM 355 HZ, A6VM 500 EZ2, A6VLM 250 HA2, A6VLM 355 DA, A6VLM 500 HD3, A6VLM 1000 HA1;

- Nominal pressure up to 400 bar;

- Maximum pressure up 450 bar;

- The motor A6VM is designed to be used in open and closed circuits.

Rexroth Axial piston variable motor A6VM series 65 Features

- All-purpose high pressure motor;

- Sizes 55 to 200, such as A6VM055HP1, A6VM080EP2, A6VM107EP6, A6VM140HZ5, A6VM160HA2, A6VM200DA2;

- Nominal pressure 400 bar;

- Maximum pressure 450 bar;

- The A6VM motor is designed to be used in open and closed circuits.

Rexroth Axial piston variable motor A6VM series 71 Features

- All-purpose high pressure motor;

- Size 60 … 280, such as A6VM060HP1, A6VM085EP2, A6VM115HZ7, A6VM150EZ6,A6VM170HA2, A6VM215DA2;

- Nominal pressure 450 bar;

- Maximum pressure 500 bar;

- Rexroth A6VM is designed to be used in open and closed circuits.

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Rexroth A6VM model code like as R992000107 A6VM107EP1/63W-VZB017HA, R902239661 A6VM107HD2/63W-VZB01000B, R902216946 A6VM160HD2/63W-VZB01700B, R902245766 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB020FPB, R902155911 A6VM200HA2/63W-VAB02000A, R902218901 A6VM55HD1D/63W-VZB01000B, R992001808 A6VM55HD1D/63W-XZB01000B-S, R992000420 A6VM80HA1/63W-VZB380A-SK, R902214590 A6VM80HD1/63W-VZB02700B, R902206693 AA6VM107HD1/63W-VSD52000B, R992001797 AA6VM160EP2D/63W-VSD51XHHB-S, R902216585 AA6VM160HD2/63W-VSD51000B, R902216582 AA6VM160HD2/63W-VSD52000B, R902216949 AA6VM160HD2/63W-VSD52700B, R902170551 AA6VM80HD2/63W-VSC52000B, R902436157 A6VM355EP2/63W1-VZH017F, R902220932 A6VM107HA2T/63W-VZB027HOA, R902282678 A6VM160HP6000000F/65MWV0R4A1100-0, R909605507 A6VM80HD1D/63W-VAB020B, R902011900 A6VM80HA1U1/63W-VZB010A, R902200471 A6VM107EP2/63W-VAB01X0PA-S, R902200494 A6VM140EP2/63W-VZB01X0PA-S, R902212234 A6VM80HD1/63W-VAB02000B, R902090484 A6VM160EP2D/63W-VZB027HB, R909605167 A6VM160HA2/63W-VAB020A, R902207286 AA6VM160HA1/63L-VSD51X00A-S,R902067710 A6VM200EP2D/63W-VAB020HB, R902057155 A6VM200EP2/63W-VAB020HA, R902004131 A6VM160HD2E/63W-VAB010B, R902016516 AA6VM107HA2/63W-VSD527A, R992000049 A6VM160DA/63W-42B027B, R909610745 AA6VM160HD2D/63W-VSD520B, R902483157 A6VM355EP2/63W1-VZH017FB, R909610734 A6VM80EZ3/63W-VAB020B, R902433400 A6VM250HD1D/63W2-VZB157B, R902092694 AA6VM80EP1/70W-VSC527HB-E, R902080862 AA6VM160EP1D/63W-VSD517DTB, R902107538 A6VM80HA1R2/63W-VZB010HA, R992001827 A6VM107DA1/63W-VAB027B, R902217835 A6VM140HA1T/63W-VZB38800A, R902014475 AA6VM107HD1/63W-VSD520B, R902209985 A6VM107HD1E/63W-VZB02000B, R909611136 A6VM55HD1E/63W-VZB027B, R902016747 A6VM200EP2D/63W0000-VAB020B-SK, R902067708 A6VM200EP2D/63W0550-VA, R902251516 A6VM107HP6000000C/65MWV0D4T120V-0, R902170430 AA6VM107HA2/63W-VSD52700A, R902203477 A6VM085HP5000000F/71AWV0C2S710U-S, R902200027 A6VM150EZ600H001H/71MWV0R4T2100-S, R909604227 A6VM80HA1/63W-VZB020A, R909604235 A6VM160HA1/63W-VZB020A, R902220839 A6VM160EP2D/63W-VAB010FPB, R902033316 A6VM107HZ3/63W-VAB010B, R902158737 AA6VM80EP1/63W-VSC527PB, R902489300 A6VM280EP600P001F/71AWV0S4A42VH-S, R902216580 A6VM160HD1D/63W-VZB38800B, R992001730 AA6VM107HD1/63W-VSD520B, R992002083 A6VM160EP2D/63W-VAB010FPB, R992002128 A6VM160HD2E/63W-VAB01000B.

Rexroth Axial Piston Pump A6VM80HA2/63WVAB010A

Rexroth Axial Piston Pump A6VM80HA2/63WVAB010A

Rexroth Axial Piston Pump A6VM80HA2/63WVAB010A