MCY Series Axial Piston Pump

MCY series axial piston pump can input pure hydraulic oil of 31.5MPa pressure to various hydraulic systems such as hydraulic press and hydraulic drive, so as to generate huge work motivation. The pump can also be used as a hydraulic motor. According to the needs, the oil pump has a variety of variable forms. The oil pump and oil motor are widely used in ships, aviation, mining, metallurgy, die-casting, forging, machine tools and other machines. Their characteristics are small volume, high efficiency, long life, advanced design, compact structure and convenient maintenance.

MCY Series Axial Piston Pump

WENZHOU SOLID INDUSRTY specializing in the production of CY14-1B series axial plunger pump type: (1) MCY14-1B (Quantitative axial piston pump), (2) SCY14-1B (manual variable axial plunger pump), (3) YCY14-1B (constant power variable axial piston pump), (4) MYCY14-1B (grading variable axial plunger pump, (5) (PCY14-1B) constant pressure variable axial piston pump), (6) BCY14-1B (proportional variable pump)

1) Capacity1.25--400MCY14-1B (Quantitative axial piston pump): 1.25MCY14-1B, 2.5MCY14-1B, 5MCY14-1B, 10MCY14-1B, 16MCY14-1B, 25MCY14-1B, 32MCY14-1B, 40MCY14-1B, 63MCY14-1B, 80MCY14-1B, 63MCY14-1B, x, etc.

2)Capacity 10--400SCY14-1B (manual variable axial piston pump): 10SCY14-1B, 16SCY14-1B, 25SCY14-1B, 32SCY14-1B, 40SCY14-1B, 63SCY14-1B, 80SCY14-1B, 160SCY14-1B, 250SCY14-1B, 400SCY14-1B.

3) Capacity 10--400YCY14-1B (constant power variable axial piston pump): 10YCY14-1B, 16YCY14-1B, 25YCY14-1B, 32YCY14-1B, 40YCY14-1B, 63YCY14-1B, 80YCY14-1B, 160YCY14-1B, 250YCY14-1B, 400YCY14-1B.

4) Capacity 10--160MYCY14-1B (grading variable axial piston pump): 10MYCY14-1B, 25MYCY14-1B, 40MYCY14-1B, 63MYCY14-1B, 80MYCY14-1B and 160MYCY14-1B.

5) Capacity 10--400PCY14-1B (constant pressure variable axial piston pump): 10PCY14-1B, 16PCY14-1B, 25PCY14-1B, 32PCY14-1B, 40PCY14-1B, 63PCY14-1B, 80PCY14-1B, 160PCY14-1B, 250PCY14-1B, 400PCY14-1B.

6) Capacity 25--400BCY14-1B (electro hydraulic proportional variable axial piston pump): 25BCY14-1B, 40BCY14-1B, 63BCY14-1B, 80BCY14-1B, 160BCY14-1B, 250BCY14-1B and 400BCY14-1B.

MCY Series Axial Piston Pump

MCY Series Axial Piston Pump

MCY Series Axial Piston PumpMCY Series Axial Piston PumpMCY Series Axial Piston Pump