ZHENHUA 125CLZ-9 Marine Foam & Fire Pump

Our company produce various centrifugal pumps mainly include: CL, CLH series marine vertical centrifugal pumps; CLZ series marine vertical self-priming pump; CWL and CIS series marine horizontal centrifugal pumps; CWZ and CYZ series marine horizontal self-priming pumps; CWF series marine horizontal sealing water pump; CWX and WZ series marine horizontal self-priming vortex pumps, CWY and CZY series marine diesel emergency fire pumps; CQX series marine Submersible pump; CPT and CPJ series marine drainage jet pumps; CS type hand pump; CF series marine domestic sewage crushing pump; CGW series marine sewage pumps and CZQ type marine self-lubricating air pumps are more than 20 series of products.


The CLZ series marine vertical self-priming pumps have the characteristics of small volume, good self-priming performance (without the need for additional self-priming devices), and light weight. Easy to install, use, and maintain.

This pump is used as a bilge, ballast, fire pump, as well as a sea fresh water cooling and sanitation pump. This series of large-sized pumps can be used as supporting working pumps for anti-smuggling water cannons and fire monitors.

CLH series vertical seawater pumps are suitable for various ships and warships as ballast pumps, bilge pump cooling pumps, drainage pumps, fire pumps, seawater desalination devices and various water tank devices as supporting water supply pumps, as well as petrochemical pipelines, cold and hot water circulation systems and Booster pump for domestic water in high-rise buildings.

ZHENHUA 125CLZ-9 Marine Foam & Fire Pump