UQK-652-C Marine Float Level Controller, Marine Float Switch, Marine Float Switch, Sewage Well Float Switch

Our company specializes in the production of various marine float level controllers

1、 Overview

UQK-652-C series marine float level controller (hereinafter referred to as the controller). It consists of a floating ball, a connecting rod, an iron core, and a magnetic switch conversion mechanism. The liquid level changes detected by the floating ball are directly transmitted to the magnetic switch conversion mechanism. The controller reasonably selects a fully sealed magnetic isolation switch conversion mechanism, so that the permanent magnet components cannot directly contact the medium, avoiding the phenomenon of rolling and jamming caused by mixed corrosive substances inside the medium, and avoiding faults caused by friction of the mechanism.

The controller also meets the special requirements of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 92-504 (1974) for marine electrical equipment control and measuring instruments, the relevant regulations of the Bureau of Shipping Survey of the China (1983) for the classification and construction of steel sea going ships, and some of them also symbolize the Lloyd's Register of Shipping (Lloyd's Register of Shipping) type approval test rules for control and electrical equipment (1975).

2、 Purpose

The UQK-652-C series position controller is widely used for liquid level alarm and control in sealed or open containers of lubricating oil, fuel oil, waste oil, fresh water, sewage, and other equipment such as engine room auxiliary boilers in marine ships and other equipment. However, it is not suitable for hazardous locations that have corrosive effects on stainless steel materials and flammable and explosive fluids. The UQK-652-C (B) floating ball liquid level controller is suitable for two position control and alarm of meson liquid level in tanks of ships, chemical and other industrial equipment