The compact pressure transmitter is assembled with precision diffused silicon sensor and Seiko. Applying advanced circuit linearity and temperature compensation technology, the linearity is more expensive and the temperature drift coefficient is lower. The advanced anti-jamming and anti surge technology make the transmitter have super anti-interference ability. The transmitter embodies the superior assembly process; the structure is compact, strong, light, easy to install, easy to use and free from maintenance; the zero point range can be adjusted continuously outside and the range of migration is wide. It has been widely used in many fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electricity, light industry, machinery and so on.

The EDYLBSQ sensor is used for measuring the pressure of marine main engine seawater pressure, oil pressure, fresh water tank and other places.

The model has EDYLBSQ-42,EDYLBSQ-43,EDYLBSQ-44,EDYLBSQ-45,EDYLBSQ-46.. Is a necessary accessory for ship accessories!