61C13 DC ammeter ship (land) shock-absorbing instrument

Name: DC ammeter ship (land) shock-absorbing instrument

Model: 61C13

Specification: 50A/75mV; Customizable for various ranges

Angle: Right angle display at 90 degrees; (Can customize wide-angle 240 degree display price for further discussion)

Level: 1.5

Shell: White plastic shell

Weight: 0.35KG

Locomotive instrument 61C13 DC ammeter 50A 75mV tachometer 0-1500r/min 61C14G

Warranty: 12 months

Standard: GB/T 7676

Protection level: IP44

Size: 72X72mm in shape

Packaging: Inner box with shockproof foam box, outer box in cardboard box;

Express delivery: default to regular express delivery (for other express deliveries, please contact the store, such as SF Express)

Structural features: shock-absorbing pointer type instrument, guaranteed quality, high mechanical impact resistance, and satisfactory operation under vibration acceleration of 0.7g;

AC instrument is composed of a transistor rectifier circuit device attached to a DC meter, which consumes less power..

Main technical performance

Environmental conditions: -25~+40 ℃ (AC meter 0~+40 ℃)

Relative humidity: 25% to 80%

Mechanical resistance performance: High resistance to mechanical impact, satisfactory operation under vibration acceleration of 0.7g; Can withstand transportation shocks with an acceleration of 150m/s - and an impact frequency of 80-120 times per minute, lasting for 2 hours.

Voltage withstand: AC 50Hz, AC 2000V, lasting for 1 minute.

Weight: less than 1Kg

Working position: Vertical (æ) use.