SGB-6786A7A8A alarm indicator

SGB-7 Alarm Indicator

SGB-8 Alarm Indicator

SGB-6A Alarm Indicator

SGB-7A Alarm Indicator

SGB-8A Alarm Indicator

Function description

The alarm signals of the alarm indicator include: general emergency alarm, car clock signal, telephone call

Host failure, CO2 alarm, fire alarm, personnel alarm and water mist alarm;

Telephone call or car clock alarm, intermittent alarm tone of 600Hz;

800Hz / 1000Hz conversion alarm tone for machine fault;

General emergency alarm 1000Hz, seven short and one long alarm tone;

CO2 alarm 1000Hz continuous alarm tone;

Fire alarm continuous frequency modulation alarm sound;

Intermittent FM tone with equivalent change between 500 ~ 1000Hz for personnel alarm;

Water mist alarm 1000Hz continuous alarm sound;

Input signal display color:

(milky white): telephone call, car clock signal

(red): fire alarm, CO2 alarm

(green): general emergency alarm

(Amber): machine failure, personnel alarm, water mist alarm

Power supply: sgb-6 / 7 / 8 is DC24V

SGB-6A/7A/8A AC220V±10%

Power consumption: 20W / 22W / 24W for sgb-6 / 7 / 8

Communication mode: serial communication

Alarm signal loudness: 100dB ~ 120dB

Color: light grey (RAL 7035)

Protection grade: IP44

Weight: 11 / 12kg

Inlet diameter of stuffing box: 2- Φ 18mm