Marine Thermal Fire Detector JTW-ZD-5i Fire Detector

This product is designed in strict accordance with gb4716-2005 point temperature fire detector, and can automatically judge the fire according to the preset fire threshold. The communication between controller and detector adopts two bus addressable current pulse width transmission technology to ensure accurate communication and minimize the false alarm rate of fire alarm.


·Ultra thin structure, height only 35mm

·With CPU CPU, it can automatically identify fire alarm

·Two bus non polarity design

·Electronic temperature sensor, high sensitivity and good stability

·The encoder is used for write address coding, and the dial switch is no longer used

technical standard

Meet the requirements of GB 4716-2005

working voltage


Monitoring current


Alarm current


Confirmation light (red)

It flashes during operation and is always on during alarm

working temperature


relative humidity


Overall dimension

Φ ninety × 35mm


About 100g


milky white