KED12-J-Q (dual) signaling clock receiver

Function Description

The KED12 signaling clock adopts a microprocessor and is connected with a four core cable.

The messenger clock is divided into eleven levels.

When the transmitter and receiver are not synchronized, an audible and visual alarm will sound.

It has functions such as power loss alarm, fault alarm, and missed train alarm.

Working voltage: DC24V

Alarm sound pressure level: 80dB~90dB

Passive contact load (resistive): 2A/30VDC 1A/125VAC

Maximum switching voltage of passive contact: 240VAC/120VDC

Active output capacity: DC24V/1A

Color: Black (RAL 9005)

Protection level: IP20

Weight: 1.04/0.8Kg

Power consumption: 5W