Diesel Engine Intelligent Charger Battery Charger NH-CH2008

The battery automatic charging device is specially designed for charging diesel engine starting/running batteries. The intelligent battery charger can automatically use constant current fast charging, trickle floating charging, automatic stop charging when fully charged, and other methods based on different battery voltage conditions. At the same time, the diesel engine intelligent battery charger has functions such as automatic overcurrent and short circuit protection. Compared to the commonly used floating charge chargers in the industry, battery chargers have the advantage of avoiding battery damage and extending service life. It is widely used in railway, civil aviation, communication, power and other enterprises that use a large number of maintenance free Lead–acid battery, and is well received by users. [1]

Main functions and features:

·Wide input AC voltage range and good output DC stability performance.

·The output current is continuously adjustable.

·Flexible use: It can be charged by a single device or connected to multiple devices without the need for current sharing.

·Equipped with input and output overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage protection, and overall overheating protection functions.

·The heat dissipation adopts forced air cooling and intelligent temperature control.

·The output voltage and charging current can be flexibly adjusted according to different specifications of batteries and battery packs.

·The charging process is automatically completed in three stages: constant current and constant voltage trickle float charging, and the battery will not be damaged due to overvoltage or overcurrent.

·Digital display of voltage and current values, accurate and intuitive.

·Easy to operate and use.