CSIC 1FC6 Generator Automatic Voltage Regulator B14289 A541432 NF XMP

Detection input                   Voltage 230/400VAC ± 10% single-phase, three-phase optional frequency 50/60Hz
Voltage regulation <±0.5%,During engine changes <4%时
Voltage adjustment range Not less than 95% -105% of rated voltage
Steady state voltage regulation rate ±0.5%

Instructions for Using 1FC6 Generator AVR (6GA2-491-1A)

Wiring method:

X1 voltage input socket: X1/1-X1/3 400V/50HZ or X1/3-X1/5 230V/50HZ

X2 external socket: X2/1-X2/3 external voltage setting Potentiometer (4.7K)

X2/5, X2/9 differential current access interface (0.4-0.6A)


X2/7, X2/10, X2/11 reactor power input interface

X2/12 (+), X2/4 (-) DC excitation output interface (without power expansion)

X3 power expansion socket X40 special type controller socket

Usage and adjustment:

Switch "S1/1" S1/2 "S1/3" is initially set to the "ON" position. When the external Potentiometer is used, "S1/3" is opened to the "OFF" position. Note: It is strictly prohibited to open "S1/1" when loaded S1/2!

• "S" differential adjustment Potentiometer: the right differential adjustment increases, and is set to 0 when the single machine is running. Adjustment method for parallel operation: When the apparent power factor is 1, the generator voltage does not decrease; When the power factor is 0, the generator voltage decreases by 6%; When the power factor is 0.8, the generator voltage correspondingly decreases by 3.6%.

• "U" internal voltage setting Potentiometer: the forward rotation voltage is set high, the reverse rotation voltage is set low, and the initial value is about 20%.

• "K" gain control Potentiometer: adjust stability, rotate counterclockwise to 25% position, and the control system tends to be stable, with the initial value at 50% position; An increase in right-handed gain may cause voltage instability.

• "T" dynamic time control Potentiometer: adjust the reaction time, that is, dynamic stability performance, slow response when rotating clockwise, fast response when rotating counterclockwise. At 50% of the initial value. Reacting too quickly may cause significant voltage fluctuations.

• "R47" disturbance Potentiometer: adjust feedback deviation signal to improve dynamic performance, and the initial value is 0% position.

• BR1 short circuit, disconnection can reduce the gain by 25%, K Potentiometer is rotated to 0, and the voltage is still unstable