CB-BM300 gear pump is applicable to low-pressure hydraulic system, which is used to transport mineral oil with viscosity of 1 ~ 8 ° and oil temperature of 10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, such as hydraulic oil, mechanical oil and fuel oil. The rotating speed is 1000-1500 rpm. It is applied to the hydraulic system of machine tools, hydraulic machinery and engineering machinery. As the power source of the system, it can also be used as oil transfer pump, lubricating pump, booster pump in thin oil station, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, textile machinery and other equipment For fuel pump.

2. Structural characteristics:

2.1 gear pump is mainly composed of pump body, gear, front cover, rear cover, bearing, framework oil seal and other parts.

2.2 the pump body, front and back cover are made of HT250 gray cast iron, the gear is made of high-grade powder metallurgy, the pump shaft is made of 40Cr combined with steel hardening treatment, the bearing is made of SF-1 oil-free bearing or needle roller bearing, and the seal is made of double lipped butadiene rubber (note: when the oil temperature is 60 ℃ - 200 ℃ or the transmission medium is corrosive, explain when ordering), so that the gear pump has stable working performance, wear resistance and long service life. When using helical gear, the sound will be lower.

3. Pump features:

3.1 small volume, light weight, simple structure, low price and reliable operation.

3.2 it has good self-priming property. It does not need to be filled with oil when starting up and * * it does not need to be filled with oil when using.

3.3 convenient installation, use and maintenance


l/min MPa r/min Kw
CB-BM160 160 2.5 1450 Z 2' M48X2 8.2
CB-BM200 200 10.1
CB-BM250 250 13
CB-BM300 300 15
CB-BM350 350 17
CB-BM400 400 20
CB-BM500 500 M60X2 24



4. Installation, operation and precautions:

4.1 installation:

A if the pump shaft is connected with the motor, the elastic coupling shall be adopted, and the concentricity shall be within 0.1mm. Rotating the coupling by hand shall not be too tight or uneven.

B. if the pump shaft is connected with the hole, the fit clearance between the pump shaft and the hole shall be between 0.02-0.03mm. Forced knocking is not allowed to avoid jamming of the pump shaft.

C. the oil inlet pipe diameter of the pump shall not be less than or greater than the inlet diameter of the pump. The design of the oil inlet pipe shall be as short as possible, the bends shall be as few as possible, and the oil outlet pipe diameter shall not be less than 3 / 4 of the oil inlet pipe diameter. The inner wall of the pipeline shall be cleaned with high-pressure oil before installation, and there shall be no hard particle sundries. The oil inlet pipe shall be equipped with a filter, and the flow of the filter shall be twice that of the pump. All joints of the oil inlet pipeline shall be sealed reliably without air leakage.


4.2 operation:

A jog the motor to confirm whether the rotation direction of the pump oil is the same as the arrow on the label.

B after startup and operation, check that the inlet and outlet pressure of the pump is within the specified service pressure range of the pump.

C observe whether there is abnormal sound or overheating during the operation of the pump. If so, stop the pump for inspection.


4.3 precautions:

a. This series of pumps are not suitable for conveying liquids with high volatility or low flash point, such as alcohol, benzene, etc.

b. This series of pumps cannot be reversed. If it is necessary to reverse the pump, please explain when ordering. Model mark: CB-B ※※ F series cycloidal gear oil pump.