CB-BM6 Lube Oil Gear Pump

1. Brief introduction of function

CB-BM6 gear pumps are external engaging positive-displacement gear pumps. They have two kinds of straight teeth and helical teeth. They are used for conveying viscosity of 1~8 degrees mineral oil and oil temperature at 10 ~ 60 degrees, such as hydraulic oil, mechanical oil and fuel oil. Widely used in machine tools, hydraulic machinery, construction machinery hydraulic system, as a power source of the system, can also be used for dilute oil station, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, textile machinery and other equipment for oil pumps, lubricating pumps, fuel pumps.

Model Flux Pressure rotation Volumetric NV% Weight power
L/min Mpa r/min (kg) (kw)
CB-BM6 6 2.5 1450 ≥ 80 1.8 1.8
CB-BM10 10 ≥ 90 2 2
CB-BM16 16 4.5 4.5
CB-BM25 25 5 5
CB-BM40 40 ≥ 94 7.5 7.5
CB-BM50 50 8 8
CB-BM63 63 8.5 8.5
CB-BM80 80 13 13
CB-BM100 100 ≥ 95 14 14
CB-BM125 125 15 15

2. Structural characteristics:

2.1 gear pumps are mainly composed of the pump body, the gear, the front cover, the rear cover, the bearing, the skeleton oil seal and other parts.

2.2 pump body, front and rear cover using HT250 grey cast iron gear made of high quality powder metallurgy, pump shaft with 40Cr steel with hardened, bearing selection of SF-1 lubricating bearings or needle roller bearings, sealing lips with nitrile rubber (Note: oil temperature at 60 DEG -200 DEG or conveying medium is corrosive when ordering, illustrate the performance of gear pump), the stability of abrasion resistance, long service life, the use of helical gear, the sound will be lower.

CB-BM6 Lube Oil Gear Pump

3. the characteristics of the pump:

The 3.1 volume is small, the weight is light, the structure is simple, the price is low, and the work is reliable.

3.2 has good self-priming, no oil is needed when the machine is opened, and the first use does not need to be filled with oil.

3.3 easy to install, use and maintain.