JTY-GD-5i Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Jty-gd-5i photoelectric smoke detector can be used in places with large climate and environmental changes. To correctly respond to the smoke generated by the initial combustion of the fire, the detector is generally set in important places such as ship living quarters, walkways, stairways and so on. Jty-gd-5i (Ex) explosion-proof smoke detector is used in explosion-proof areas such as paint room and pump room. The explosion-proof grade is exib IIC T6.
·Ultra thin structure, low power design
·With CPU CPU, it can automatically identify fire alarm
·Two bus non polarity design
·It has strong moisture resistance and can be used in places with large interference
·The encoder is used for write address coding, and the dial switch is no longer used
technical parameter
Working voltage dc18 ~ 26V
Monitoring current ≤ 300uA
Alarm current ≤ 2mA
The confirmation light (red) flashes during operation and is always on during alarm
Operating temperature: - 10 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃
Relative humidity ≤ 95%
Maximum monitoring area 74m2
Overall dimension Φ eighty-eight × 34 mm
Weight about 100g
Color milky white

JTY-GD-5i Photoelectric Smoke DetectorJTY-GD-5i Photoelectric Smoke Detector